Andra Diaconu | Thailand – A Journey to Remember
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Thailand – A Journey to Remember

Thailand – A Journey to Remember

Thailand may be overcrowded with tourists, but it has thousands of fascinating locations that make it the perfect holiday destination. When you say Thailand, you automatically think about beachside bungalows, luxury spa retreats, white sand beaches, and crystal clear water. However, this country means more than that. Thailand is about wild nature, diversity, tuk tuks, monks, temples, communism, astonishing views, markets, craziness, diving, street vendors, giant Buddhas and the list can easily go on.

“You don’t have to depend entirely on people to find happiness and make memories. Happiness depends on you.”

The second part of my adventure in Asia was about to begin. I woke up alone on my birthday in a hotel room in Bangkok. I was packing and crying. My brother had left for the airport early in the morning and my close friend had decided to continue her experience in Bali. Sincerely, I had a moment of uncertainty in which I asked myself why I didn’t choose to stay in Bali, but I quickly realized that I could rely on me. You don’t have to depend entirely on people to find happiness and make memories. You are your own anchor and you are the only person who can control your happiness. Happiness depends on you.

“Yes. Small things matter and can make your day brighter.”

I was finally on my way to the campus situated in the vicinity of Rangsit University, about/approx. 45 minutes away from Bangkok in the best-case scenario. Luckily for me, I had the address written in Thai on a piece of paper because the only language I had in common with the taxi driver was the body language. I arrived safe and sound at the destination, but I still had a feeling of loneliness on my 22nd birthday. Eventually, my day took a turn for the better thanks to my colleagues who found out that it’s my birthday and prepared me a little surprise, which meant the world to me. It was the shot of joy I needed to end my birthday. Yes. Small things matter and can make your day brighter.

“I was fearless and prepared to discover the unknown.”

Many people wander what place I liked the most, but it’s hard to say. Although both countries share the same religion, differences can be easily noticed. For instance, Indonesians are friendlier and genuinely warmer, which made me feel safer and closer to their culture. However, I could say that I had a richer experience in Thailand, not because of the landscapes or locals, but simply because I dared more. I was fearless and prepared to discover the unknown.

“ I was my best friend and my travel buddy.”

I had the courage to travel alone for the first time in my life. I was my best friend and my travel buddy. This unique experience gave me the chance to discover myself better, learn to love myself and pay attention to my desires. In a nutshell, I reconnected with my inner-self. Obviously, many people didn’t understand my stubbornness of traveling alone, but the truth is that you can’t see its beauty until you try it. I still remember how I wandered around Bangkok, the city that never sleeps, at night, how I took taxi scooters with a certain location in mind, how much I enjoyed going to sky bars, my guilty pleasure or how I talked to strangers as if we were best friends…sweet old memories.

It’s easy to say that the thing I love the most about Thailand is the island Koh Tao, but then I’m reminded of those feelings of freedom and adventure that followed me on this unbelievable journey in ‘the land of the free’. Thailand is a mixture of modern and old, relaxation and fun, history and the present moment, religion and liberality, water and mountains, silence and bustle, wild nature and civilization. Koh Tao is by far one of Thailand’s most beautiful treasures, but on second thoughts, Thailand offers so much more.

What did I find most interesting about their culture? The love and respect they had for the Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world’s longest-reigning monarch (70 years). Thais treat the national anthem and the royal family with great respect and expect everyone else to do the same. The anthem is played twice a day, more precisely at 8 am and 6pm. Besides, I went to the cinema several times in Bangkok and it wasn’t just a coincidence that both the locals and foreigners had to stand up and show their gratitude to the royal family by listening to the Thai national anthem. That’s what happens before each movie. Isn’t it beautiful to experience the culture of another country even if some things seem bizarre?

Thailand: my inner-self, friends, a bunch of memories and a strong desire to go back!

 Don’t forget to dare, dream and travel! Stay safe!

 Till next time,

More to come about Thailand…

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